Maverick – A parachute powered flying car

It was just a while we come across many flying car concepts  that run equally on ground as well as in air. However, Florida based I-TEC introduces a totally different approach than those futuristic contraptions with folding wings. This flying car is dubbed the Maverick and uses powered parachute called a ram-air wing to take this dune buggy like vehicle to the skies.

A single person can convert this vehicle into flying mode in a few minutes and it is capable to take off in merely 300 feet space and 40mph speed. On the ground, Maveric is powered by Subaru engine that produces 140-hp. It enables the vehicle to get a sprint from standstill to 60mph in just 3.9 seconds. As per I-TEC, Maverick will be available sometime in next year; however, there is no word on its pricing.