Big hump Somma 2010 redefines the aesthetic of custom motorcycles

Defying the old shibboleth that general aesthetic of custom motorcycles remain the same irrespective of different paint job and details, Southern California artist and ex motorcyclist, Mark Dugally comes up with Project Somma 2010. This custom motorcycle from Mark completely redefines the term.

The inspiration for the project Somma 2010 came from Naples, Italy, where Dugally hiked to the rim of Mount Vesuvius. Vesuvius has a distinctive double hump and a caldera formed by the collapse of an older peak called Somma. And as per Mark, much of his work is inspired by decay.

Mark found this bike with some elegant and pristine parts but underneath all the metal had heavy rust patina and archaic bronze-type finishing. He chiseled is to the present form and characterizes it elegant. This bike features original frame, Rotax engine is mostly stock and rest of the parts are reworked and restyled with composite bodywork.

Further, the custom bike has a tough stuff, covered in pickup bed liner, DuPont paint, and a big hump on the top of the fuel tank not only gives it devilish look but also houses high beam lights, the Dakota Digital display, a talking alarm system, a bank angle lean sensor and the bike’s electronics. Mark has tagged this amazing bike in the range of $25,000.